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The object of our group is to protect the landscape and ecology of the Blackwater Valley for future generations. We are a group of conservation volunteers concerned in particular about the environmental effects of water pollution and invasive species on the river Blackwater.

The Blackwater arises from several streams flowing down from the escarpment in the south east of the county of Wiltshire that separates the Avon Valley and Salisbury from the parishes in the extreme south east of the county. The river initially runs west to east before curving round to the south as it crosses into Hampshire and flows down to join the River Test near Totton. Unlike many of the chalk streams and rivers in Wiltshire that are alkaline, the Blackwater contains water from boggy woodland sources and as a consequence is acidic in nature.

Primary tasks carried out by the volunteers include chemical testing of river water for both Nitrates and Phosphates, sampling the river bed and identifying the invertebrates living there and the removal of Himalayan Balsam from the local environment.



3 Responses to Home

  1. Shobhna Philips says:

    Thank you for helping us to understand about conservation on last Sunday
    enjoyed pulling Himalayan Balsam.


    • John Martin says:

      Dear Shobhna, Many thanks for your message. We very much appreciate the time and effort of your group in helping us to reduce the menace of Himalayan Balsam. Please pass on our thanks to your friends and group members and hope to welcome you again sometime. Best wishes, John.


  2. James Hobbs says:

    Hi, James here form RWS you are meeting with us on the 25th June, I just wanted to check all was OK and to share contact numbers.


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